Click on the headings for books in general, for family genealogy or for edited books on King Arthur. Other headings are "about us" and contact information. The sections on books and family contain a page on an explanation of each book and sample pages from inside the books. The person surfing the web should find it easy to browse the website and can easily return to the "Home" page when ever there is a need to start over. 

Depending on the book, the contents of non-fictions texts may include  economic, genetic, geographic, archaeological, historic, and linguistic topics. All Bronco ePublishing, LLC books for sale are for, both the lay reader and professional that provides a like-able learning experience. Fictional reading is based on non-fiction work and explores some of the above topics with narrative, dialogue and index but no references, just lots of enjoyable entertainment.

This site is for both fiction and non-fiction books in both in color and to reduce costs some are produced in black & white with grey tones. Bronco ePublishing was established with the intent that books should be created for both the lay person and the professional and it is a philosophy that has been maintained. 

B r o n c o  e P u b l i s h i n g, LLC Books for Sale

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Non-fiction can be dry, so addition of narrative and dialogue is used. 

​​​​​​The books are available "online" or from and are delivered immediately. Some titles are Kindle and Barns & Noble books. They are all written or edited by Jess Browning. ​ 

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