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Abuse of the First Amendment
America’s Frontier: Virginia to California
Anatolia to Britain: A Trilogy
Ancient European Ancestors (A Grey Tones Edition)
Ancient European Ancestors: The DNA, Archeological, Historical and Linguistic Evidence
Brownings in England: Records of where, when & how they lived
Brownings in England (A Grey Tones Edition)
Caleb: The Frontier Man
Captain John Browning (A Grey Tones Edition)
Captain John Browning: A Family History in England & Virginia from 1255 to 1799 AD
Captain John: From England to Virginia
Cec and Caroline: A Wonderful Life!
China: 1979
Compendium of Short Stories: From Eurasia to Seattle
Four Centuries 1611-2017: The English Bible (edited)
Francis: Plantation Owner, Merchant & Tobacco Farmer
Global Logistics and Trade: Intermodal Transport
God: Are We Made in His Image?
Incompetence in America: The inept Society
Jeb: His Family and History
Jess and his Family: (Grey Tones Edition)
Jess and his Family: Genealogy and History
Jess Jr.: A DIY Guy
King Edward the Second of England
Life and Times of Anna Love.
Life and Times of Jess Sr.
Regional Economic Development
Respect for Labor
Seattle to England by Surface Transport
Some Perdue Descendants
Some Swank Descendants
Southwest England: Life and Times 1390 to 1430 AD
Technology, the Economy & Jobs: A Historical Perspective
The Anglos: Their Pleasures and Travails
The Deceitful and Insidious Web 
The Famlies: A Compendium of Stories
The Innovation Process: Educating and Teaching
The Nomads: Their Migration Experiences
Vicki: A Cheerleader
War & Police
William T.: A Man to Look up to

King Arthur & Modred: A Young King in Waiting, Volume One
King Arthur & Sir Balin: A Knight with Two Swords, Volume One
King Arthur & Pellianore: A Father of Knights, Volume One
King Arthur & Sir Gawain: Their Adventures, Volume One
King Arthur & Rome: Ambassadors Demand Tribute, Volume One
King Arthur & Lancelot: Their Fights & Affairs, Volume One
King Arthur & Gareth: The Kitchen Boy, Volume One
King Arthur & Tristram: The Fighter, Volume One
King Arthur & Knights: Lovers & Fighters, Volume One
Times and Death of King Arthur, Volume One, Books I through IX
King Arthur & Lancelot: Book X, Volume Two
King Arthur & Lancelot: Book XI, Volume Two
King Arthur & Lancelot: Book XII, Volume Two
King Arthur & Lancelot: Book XIII, Volume Two
King Arthur: Percivle: & Lancelot Books XIV-XV, Vol. Two
King Arthur & Gawain: Book XVI, Volume Two
King Arthur & Galahad: Book XVII, Volume Two
King Arthur & Queen’s Joy: Book XVIII, Volume Two
King Arthur: Guinevere & Lancelot Book XIX, Volume Two
King Arthur & Gawain: Book XXI, Volume Two
Times and Death of King Arthur, Volume One, Books XI through XXI

All individual King Arthur Books are 5" X 8" that vary in number of pages from about 134 to 396 pages. Volumes One and Two compendiums of King Arthur are larger 6" X 9" books. Volume One contains 416 pages and Volume ​Two contains 478 pages.  All of the 5"x8" books are included in the compendium of two volumes titled "The Times and Death of King Arthur". They may be found by clicking on the "Home Button" then on "King Arthur" then click on the cover image for that page.

​Another compendium book contains 8 short stories under the title "Family". It may be found in a similar way explained above under the section "Books". The books included in the book "The Family" are "The Nomads, The Anglos, Southwest England, Captain John, Francis, Caleb, William T. and Jeb".

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